The predecessor of the Zhuhai Construction Supervision Company Limited is the West Zhuhai
Development Office.  It was established in 1989 as the representative of the Zhuhai Municipal
Government to oversee the construction of all large scale works associated with the development
of the vast area of West Zhuhai, which came under the jurisdiction of the Zhuhai government.  The
major works include basic infrastructures and public facilities such as the roads, water supply and
electricity supply for the West Zhuhai Area, especially the development of the container port in
Gaolan and the Zhuhai Airport.

Zhuhai Construction Supervision Company Limited was corporatized in 1997. It is directly
supervised by the Zhuhai State Asset Management Bureau and is 100% owned by the Zhuhai Government.  It continues to assist the
government with the supervision work of large scale infrastructures and other investm...

Major Projects
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